The Academic Success Program continually puts up results that are unparalleled within DallasISD and consistently outperforms the competition.  There is not a program on record that exemplifies a better return on investment on a per student basis.  During the 2012-2013 academic year, the Academic Success Program garnered a return of 36 times what DallasISD invested in the program.  In 2011-2012, ASP served three high schools in DallasISD and carried 46% of the total scholarships and grants offered district-wide.  These results are not an anomaly, and indeed, ASP has been producing the same results throughout DallasISD since 2007.  Moreover, the Academic Success Program is the only college-access program in DallasISD with a market value outside of the DallasISD contract.  ASP also operates in Wichita Falls ISD and its management team serves as educational consultants for charter school organizations and private foundations.

While district metrics and evaluation of program effectiveness has changed throughout the years, ASP has been consistent in its quest to serve the students of DallasISD and not only make college attendance possible, but also affordable.  ASP does not rely on gimmicks, giveaways, or incentives to get the job done.  We know that no two high schools are exactly the same and we know the system inside and out -- the college-access system and the DallasISD school system.  Our depth of experience allows us to go into a school, assess the situation, and get to work.

Our expertise comes from knowing the system and working within it, not around it.  It comes from knowing the populations we serve, the challenges they face, and above all else, never giving up on the belief that our kids in DallasISD deserve more.   

Academic Success Program

5440 Harvest Hill Road, Suite 145E

Dallas, Texas 75230