ILTexas High Schools

Yesenia Aviles Esteves
ILTexas Aggieland

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Yesenia Aviles is ecstatic to serve as the Dean of College Advising at International Leadership of Texas – Aggieland High School. She was born and raised in Austin, TX and is a graduate from Texas A&M University – College Station, where she earned her Bachelors of Science in Sociology with a Minor in Psychology. While earning her degree, she volunteered with the Brazos Interfaith Immigration Network assisting with citizenship classes and English classes. She is pursuing her Masters in Social Work at UT – Arlington.

As a first generation student, Yesenia is looking forward to meeting with all of the students and helping them realize their true potential and achieve their dreams. She wants to make the process of applying to colleges and scholarships as easy and stress-free as possible.

In her free time, she spends her time with her niece watching Bluey, reading books, training her puppy, Lila, and finding new coffee shops to try.

Cailyn Byrd
ILTexas Arlington-Grand Prairie

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Cailyn Byrd is the Dean of College Advising at International Leadership Texas Arlington-Grand Prairie High School. She went to Abilene Christian University where she received her Bachelors and Masters in Social Work. This will be her 6th year on the ASP Team. She worked as our ASP Alumni Coordinator for a year, before getting to do work with our students on the high school level.

She remembers feeling very isolated and limited in knowledge during her own college application journey. She loves that she gets to be in a place to help students and families avoid those feelings. Ms. Byrd’s loves that we all get to work through this process together, and create the best solutions for the next generation of college students. Finding success and hope in every student’s story is what she looks forward to most.

Robert Martinez
ILTexas Garland

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Robert Martinez is excited to work as the College Advisor for ILTexas Garland High School! He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and went on to receive his B.A. in English & Sociology from Texas A&M University-Commerce Honors College. After graduating with his bachelor’s, he pursued a Master’s in Elementary Education at Arizona State University. While earning his graduate degree, he worked for the Arizona Education System, teaching 4th, 5th, and 6th grade across the Phoenix Metropolitan Area as part of Teach for America. He attributes much of his success to the support and mentorship of his former College Advisor, Sara Morgan, and other ASP Alumni & Staff.

When Robert isn’t working, he enjoys exploring Dallas and finding restaurants to try new food or cuisines. He also enjoys reading, playing video games, attending musical festivals, hiking, and spending time as a dog dad to his Pomeranian, Shiloh.

Funmi Balogun
ILTexas Katy-Westpark

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Funmi Balogun is thrilled to serve at International Leadership of Texas Katy-Westpark High School as the Dean of College Advising. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas and went on to receive her B.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin.

Before her time at UT Austin, she was able to gain experience in childcare through private tutoring and babysitting. During her first year of undergrad, she was able to use her prior experience to assist various families through the college admission process by overlooking admissions essays and recommending various volunteering opportunities. Additionally during her second year, she worked as a student caller for the university. Although short lived, she was able to provide financial and organizational resources, such as unknown scholarships, emergency student funds, and networking strategies through the alumni system, to the current and past students of UT Austin.

During her last two years of undergrad, Funmi was able to gain irreplaceable experiences at two non profits in Austin, Girls Empowerment Network and Girlstart. Through her position as a project management assistant at GEN, she assisted in the marketing and outreach sector of Austin and Houston communities throughout the school year via mailings, phone calls, tabling, and email communications. Through her time at GEN, she learned how to build community and how to gain trust with students from all walks of life. She was able to build with them and provide assistance through the various processes of becoming a young adult. Additionally, Funmi was able to intern at Girlstart, a non profit that aims to provide a year-round, intensive suite of STEM education programs for K-12 girls. Funmi specifically provided Girlstart Summer Camp curriculum, material support, and implemented inventory systems for organization of at-home curriculum for over 500 students. This position gave her a strong desire to advocate for STEM resources in all communities that may lack.

Funmi is very excited to utilize all that she has learned to help the incredible students of ILTexas achieve their goals and navigate all that comes with the college process.

Larisa Kliman
ILTexas Keller-Saginaw

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Larisa Kliman serves as the ASP Director of Special Programs to oversee the ASP Ambassadors and the Dean of College Advising for the ILTexas Keller-Saginaw High School. The ambassadors are a student-led organization that focuses on peer-to-peer mentoring about the college process. The ASP Ambassadors are now at every ASP campus!

Ms. Kliman holds a B.S in Psychology and an M.S. in Higher Education Administration. Ms. Kliman previously worked as an admissions counselor, but she wanted to work more closely and consistently with students and decided to move to the other side of the desk as a college advisor. Ms. Kliman loves getting to know her students and helping them navigate the not-so-scary world of college applications. She is extremely passionate about higher education and making sure every student has an affordable college option. When she’s not editing essays, Ms. Kliman enjoys traveling, cooking, and spoiling her dog, Rosie.

Sunny Korie
ILTexas Lancaster-Desoto

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Sunny Korie is honored to be a part of ASP and is excited to be working as the Dean of College Advising for International Leadership Texas Lancaster-Desoto High School.

She was raised in Florida and is a proud alum of the University of Florida (UF). Through studying Psychology and Education and her involvement in various student organizations at UF, she developed a passion for the field of Education and knew that she wanted to serve in a position that would allow her to ignite the same passion in other students. She ventured off to Texas to earn a masters in Educational Administration at the University of Texas at Austin and now has over 10 years of experience in the field of Education.

While earning her graduate degree, she interned with UT’s First Year Experience Office. She also worked for UT’s Athletic Department in their Academic Center. She has taught with KIPP Texas, Dallas ISD, and Life School. She has also had the opportunity to work as an Educator for the Frontiers of Flight Museum. She is cognizant of the privilege and opportunities that come with earning a college degree and she wants to make sure her students get that same advantage.

Outside of getting students excited about higher education, Sunny is a mother of two lovely daughters who enjoys frequenting eateries all over the metroplex. She also loves walking through hiking trails, farmers markets, gardens, stores and more.

Jasmine Campuzano
ILTexas Windmill Lakes-Orem

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Jasmine Campuzano is embarking on her third year as a College Advisor at Windmill Lakes-Orem High School. She is a Houston native and attended Washington & Jefferson College in Pennsylvania, receiving a B.A in Communication Arts and Public Policy.

As a first-generation student, she dedicated her undergraduate career to working with non-profit organizations to create a positive impact in local communities. She had the privilege to attend college because she was awarded a scholarship to study out-of-state. The transition wasn’t easy, but this led her to become passionate in empowering youth to overcome the restrictions society has placed on them. She is excited to work alongside ASP and ensure every student has access to a higher education.

Whenever she’s given the chance to, she enjoys traveling, hiking, dancing, and on the lookout for coffee shops in the Houston area . Most importantly, she enjoys making memories with her family and enjoying the carne asadas.