Join the ASP Ambassadors

The ASP Ambassadors are dedicated leaders that strive to be representatives for their peers and their school community.  Ambassadors represent ASP, their school, their community and themselves in a responsible, ethical, and professional manner while portraying a positive image as it relates to the college process.  The ASP Ambassadors represent ASP by utilizing their interpersonal communication skills to train, inform and assist current high school students by encouraging higher education as an opportunity for all and helping others with guidance through steps of the admission process. By using their knowledge and experience, ASP Ambassadors aim to educate and expand student awareness to pursue education and professional skills that suit their future ambitions. The ASP Ambassadors cultivate a supportive community with each other and a college-going community at their schools.

ASP Ambassadors host college application parties for their peers, give information sessions about college to underclassmen, help with FAFSA nights, and support their school in all college related activities, including open houses, College Signing Day and Senior Recognition Day activities. 

The ASP Ambassadors are recognized as an official school activity on the campuses that we serve. Juniors and Seniors are eligible to apply for leadership positions within the ASP Ambassadors, including President, Vice-President, Secretary, Campus Representatives, and Social Media Coordinators. Underclassmen officer positions may be added as needed. The ASP Ambassadors have opportunities to earn community service hours throughout the year. Additionally, ASP Ambassadors have the opportunity to be named an ASP Scholar at the end of senior year and receive an honor cord upon graduation. 

The Ambassadors meet regularly (schedule TBD) and students in grades 9-12 are welcome to join.  Sign up for upcoming Ambassador meetings here and follow them on Instagram at @aspambassadors.      

Hear from Chloe (Class of 2021, Oxford College & Emory University Class of 2025) on why she joined the ASP Ambassadors

Schools, teachers, and clubs / student organizations may request a visit from the ASP Ambassadors by contacting Ms. Kliman.   

I decided to be an ASP Ambassador because I knew that it would give me a lot of valuable information to help me with the college application process, but it would also equip me with priceless knowledge that I could use to help others. I enjoyed being an Ambassador because it made me someone people looked up to for guidance and help. As an ASP Ambassador, I helped a lot of people learn how to break down a financial aid package and gave them a basic understanding of what the application process would entail.”D’Janee Kyeremeh, Johns Hopkins University, Class of 2024

“I decided to be an ambassador because I wanted to learn more about the college admissions process. I am extremely happy that I joined because we are our own little family at the school. Also, it helped me overcome my minor anxiety of public speaking.” – Exziyah Greenlee, Midwestern State University Honors College, Class of 2024

“I decided to become an ambassador because I knew Ms. Kliman. She was a great resource and wanted to reach more students. I have never regretted joining ASP. I loved being able to mentor the Juniors and answer their questions. The relationships built in those sessions are still dear to me. Being an ambassador allowed me to impact my school and strengthen my peers. It also allowed my friends and I to bond around a common goal of empowering others.” – Genesis Grant, University of Michigan, Class of 2024