Moises E. Molina High School

Jannely Flores

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Jannely Flores is thrilled to work as a college advisor at Molina High School. She was born and raised in Oak Cliff and is a proud alumna of Dallas ISD. Jannely is a graduate of the University of North Texas, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in History and a certificate in Latino/a and Mexican American Studies.

As an ASP alum, Jannely recognizes the impact that college access can have on students, and as a first-generation college student, she understands how daunting the college admissions process can seem. She is excited to help students achieve their goals and support them throughout the application process.

When Jannely isn’t at work, she enjoys singing, spending time with her son, and cuddling with her cat Missy. She is looking forward to meeting and working with students this year!

Milagros Garcia

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Milagros Garcia is really excited to return as a College Advisor at Moises E. Molina High School. Born and raised in Oak Cliff, she graduated from Dallas ISD. From there, Milagros attended the University of Rochester in western New York where she majored in English: Language, Media and Communications. After working in admissions and spending some time in the corporate workplace, Milagros realized that her passion truly lied in college access and helping students. Through her experience advocating for students, she grew to understand the disparities of access and lack of resources in her own community. This is why she sought out to work for ASP.

When Milagros isn’t thinking about essays, financial aid, and college applications she enjoys dancing salsa, bachata, merengue and any other latin dance that gets her feet moving. She also enjoys visiting museums, attending musicals, and spending time with her cats, Trixie & Molly.

Mireya Garcia

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Ms. G is thrilled to be a college advisor at Molina High School this upcoming school year. Born and raised in the area, she attended and graduated from DISD schools. She knows first hand the amazing impact mentors can have on high school students. The mentorship she received fueled her passion to serve the community in the form of creating access and equity for higher education. She received her Bachelors of Arts and Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of North Texas, where she mentored high school and college students with navigating the higher education system. At ASP, Ms. G continues to be dedicated to showing students that they belong in these spaces and conversations.

In her free time, she reads books, supports local small businesses popup events, and spends quality time with her pups.

Mireya Zamora

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Mireya Zamora is thrilled to be returning to Moises E. Molina High School as a second year college advisor! Mireya is a born and raised Dallas-ite and first generation Latina who is passionate about helping her community, especially students, learn and strive for more than what they’ve been given. Being a daughter of immigrants, Mireya had little guidance of the college journey but knew it was something she wanted. After attending community college, she transferred to The University of Texas at Austin. Although she enjoyed her time at UT, she wants her students to strive for more and get the full university experience with the least amount of debt as possible. In her free time, she enjoys going to small business markets and trying new food places in the Dallas area.