Skyline High School

Chanacia Hood

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Chanacia Hood is delighted to be a college advisor at Skyline High School. Chanacia grew up in Dallas, and she graduated from the University of North Texas at Denton and received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Integrated Studies.

As a first-generation student, Chanacia understands the pressures of the college process and wants to be that safety net for students. Chanacia is eager to help students succeed on their next college journey by informing them of opportunities to help make their futures brighter.

Outside college advising, Chanacia spends her spare time shopping, reading books, and binge-watching her favorite TV shows. Chanacia is excited about the new year and can’t wait to connect with students.

Cristian Ramirez

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Cris Ramirez is excited to serve as a college advisor for Skyline High School. Born and raised here in Dallas, Cris graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelors of Science in Global Arts, Planning, Design, and Construction while also doing a double minor in Performance Studies and Art with a Digital Media emphasis.

During his time away in school, he became involved in mentorship programs that focused on providing first-year students with a support system during their transition into higher education. He was also very involved in advocating for students of underrepresented communities and strongly believes everyone should have the opportunity to receive an education regardless of their background. Having been a first-generation student himself, he understood the importance of having guidance in navigating the college application process and is now ready to provide that support to his students.

In his free time, he enjoys listening to K-Pop, having photography shoots and playing volleyball.

Ivan Reyes

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Ivan Reyes is incredibly excited to continue to serve as the ASP College Advisor at Skyline High School. He grew up in the Pleasant Grove area here in Dallas, and is a product of Dallas ISD. He is a first-generation student who attended Texas A&M University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Cognitive Neuroscience.

Before becoming a College Advisor he spent three years doing research in Cognitive Neuroscience where he became a strong advocate for mental health in underrepresented communities. This influenced his desire to help pioneer various initiatives in college including a mentorship program for first-generation students. He is passionate about ensuring students’ success and providing them the opportunity for them to believe in themselves, believe that they can, and believe that their dreams are possible. He is aware of the challenges students can face when applying for college, and is here to provide them the necessary support to ease the application process!

When he isn’t thinking about college, Ivan is engaged in working on his cars, exercising, boxing, photography, and reading neuro research papers.

Rafael Espinal

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Rafael Espinal is super honored to serve the students at Skyline High School as an ASP College Advisor. He grew up in South Arlington and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin where he received a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Global Studies with minors in Business, French Studies, and a certificate in Business Spanish.

Before becoming a College Advisor, Rafael worked in marketing for a language school that focused on bridging the language barrier across construction companies. Helping immigrants in their English learning journey inspired Rafael to venture into aiding the next generation of college scholars coming from underrepresented communities. Rafael understands how it feels to be unsure of your future and how challenging the college application process can be. He is super excited to use his past experiences to help students feel confident and have the best post-grad experience possible. 

In his free time, Rafael enjoys riding in his car while singing along to his favorite songs, binging TV sitcoms, working out, and playing tennis. 

Briana Ruiz

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Howdy! I’m Ms. Ruiz and I am here to help you get started on your post-high school plans. I graduated from Texas A&M University, however, I did not start there. Please ask me about my college path! In my free time I enjoy going on walks, reading, and watching K-dramas.

Briana Jasso

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Briana is extremely excited to be a part of ASP and to guide students in their college-going journeys so that they may achieve their aspirations! She is a first-generation college graduate of the University of Chicago with a major in Public Policy, a specialization in Education, and a minor in Spanish. She was born and raised in Oak Cliff and looks forward to serving communities similar to her own.
Briana believes in the power of education. The summer after her first year in college, she served as an ASP Ambassador where she worked closely with rising college students to ensure they were prepared for their transition. Since then, she has worked with other education-focused organizations that strive to make education more equitable for underserved populations. She also believes in the power of community and credits her academic success to her strong support systems. She is grateful to be working with ASP again and looks forward to empowering students in the same way her ASP college advisor empowered her.
In her spare time, Briana enjoys strength training, reading, and rewatching childhood animated favorites!

Sierra Levy

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Sierra Levy is a dedicated professional who brings a wealth of experience and a passion for education to her role as a College Advisor with ASP.  With a background rooted in both Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies, Sierra graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s degree, and furthered her educational journey by earning a Master’s in Education from Southern Methodist University.

After completing her studies, she embarked on a journey to empower young minds in Dallas, Texas. She began by teaching 7th-grade math in the community of Pleasant Grove at EB Comstock Middle School within Dallas ISD. Two years later, Sierra ventured into West Dallas, where she joined Uplift Heights Secondary as a Math Intervention Specialist. In this capacity, she effectively supported students in overcoming academic challenges and instilled in them the belief that education is a powerful tool for change.

Sierra’s passion for her work extends beyond the classroom. Her decision to become a College Advisor at ASP was fueled by her deep love for the city of Dallas and the students who call it home.  Her commitment to showing up for these students is unwavering and a testament to her dedication to their success. In her free time, Sierra’s interests paint a vibrant picture of her personality. An enthusiastic explorer of Dallas, she finds joy in hanging out with friends and capturing the essence of the city through her camera lens. With a creative eye, she’s also known to embrace her role as a freelance photographer.

Sierra’s journey from teaching math to becoming a College Advisor is marked by a profound commitment to education, a love for her community, and an unyielding determination to make a positive difference.

Brizeth Silva

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Meet Brizeth Silva, a dedicated College Advisor proudly serving Skyline High School. With a B.A. in Political Science and minors in Sociology from the University of North Texas at Dallas.

Having grown up in the vibrant Dallas/Fort Worth area, Brizeth’s roots in the community run deep. As a DISD and ASP alumna, she intimately understands the significance of having a supportive mentor while navigating the college process—an experience that can be daunting for both students and their families. Being a first-generation college student herself, Brizeth empathizes with the mix of worries and joys that accompany this exciting path.

As a former Presidential Scholar at UNT Dallas, Brizeth’s achievements have only fueled her desire to give back to her community. Returning as a College Advisor, she is determined to empower DISD students to achieve their fullest potential and experience the same, if not greater, success.

When not guiding students toward their dreams, Brizeth enjoys indulging in her childhood telenovelas during well-deserved binge-watching sessions. Committed to personal growth, she hits the gym to work on herself physically and mentally. Additionally, Brizeth loves exploring Dallas to uncover its hidden culinary gems, discovering the city’s best places to eat.

Diego Granados

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Mr. Granados is pleased to be a part of Skyline High School’s ASP college advisor family. Granados was raised in Guanajuato, Mexico, where he was born. He is a first-generation college graduate who earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Bilingual Education from Texas Woman’s University.

Granados participated in G-Force, a student organization with the goal of assisting DFW High School students in attending college. Throughout his time as a G-Force mentor Granados participated in a mentoring program that allowed him to work one-on-one with students to assist them in developing a plan for life after High School. During undergraduate career Granados discovered a passion for college counseling and mentoring which encouraged him to become ASP Advisor. Granados began his teaching career as a Spanish instructor after earning his degree from TWU.

In his spare time, Granados enjoys visiting national parks, going on hikes, riding horses, and spending time with his family.