Sunset High School

Katya Cruz

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Katya Cruz is thrilled to serve as an ASP college advisor for Sunset High School! As a first-generation college student herself, she is proud to have graduated from UNT (go mean green!) She earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Because of her own struggle with the college process, Ms. Cruz is excited to help motivate others in their personal process. She believes education should be accessible for all and encourages students from all backgrounds to have amazing opportunities, in order to help the next generation reach their dreams and aspirations.

When Katya isn’t working with students, she enjoys painting, reading, visiting art museums, and going to the gym.

Lucia Mejia

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Luci Mejia is super excited to be returning to Sunset High School as a co-advisor for the 2023-2024 school year! Ms. Mejia was born and raised in Plano, TX, and was a first generation student. She went to the University of North Texas and received her Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. Being that Ms. Mejia was the first member of her family to attend and graduate from a four year university, she knows firsthand the struggles of navigating each step of the application process. Ms. Mejia was not provided the proper assistance she needed when applying for college, thus, she wants to be that voice and mentor for her students and show them that anything is possible with the right guidance and dedication!

After school, Ms. Mejia enjoys going to coffee shops, crafting, spending time with loved ones, and collecting kpop photocards and merchandise. She can’t wait to get started and be able to assist all students at Sunset High School!

Maylee Castillo

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Maylee Castillo is thrilled to be the Lead ASP College Advisor for Sunset High School! Maylee is a Dallas native, born and raised in Oak Cliff and a proud DISD and ASP Alum! Ms. Castillo graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Being a first-generation graduate herself, Maylee is a strong advocate for accessibility to higher education for ALL!

Ms. Castillo loves getting outside and moving – you can find her doing yoga, going for runs, or hiking in her free time. When she’s not helping students find affordable college options or editing essays, Ms. Castillo is usually hanging out with her 2 Pomeranians. She is excited to meet all of her 2024 graduates and help the Bison Nation get to college (affordably!).

Olivia Perez-Salaises

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Olivia Perez-Salaises is excited to be a college advisor at Sunset High School for the coming school year! Ms. Perez graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Communication Studies and a Sports Media minor. Born and raised in Oak Cliff, Ms. Perez is passionate about working with the community she grew up in!

As a first-generation student, Ms. Perez understands the importance of having someone help students navigate their college application process. She is committed to making the process as easy and stress free as possible while teaching students about the endless opportunities available to them.

In her spare time, she likes listening to music, hanging out with her nieces and nephews, and doing puzzles!