Townview High Schools

Sheridan Smith

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Sheridan Smith is excited to work as a College Advisor at Townview. She attended Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas and earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. As a previous graduate from Dallas ISD, Sheridan enjoyed her time at the School of Health Professions at Townview. She is pleased to bring her knowledge of the financial aid process from Townview and SHSU to her new class of students. Sheridan strives to provide her students with the best opportunities for college even when it may not seem possible. She is dedicated to help pave the way for our youth’s future success.

Outside of school time, Sheridan finds herself taking advantage of her free time, whether it’s relaxing with friends and family or exploring new cities. Sheridan is settling back into Dallas by reuniting with old friends and making new ones to tag along with her on upcoming adventures.

Aisosa Ede-Osifo

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Aisosa Ede-Osifo is excited to work as the Lead College Advisor for Townview Magnet Center’s HSHP, SBM, and SEM schools. Aisosa is a graduate from Gettysburg College, located in Pennsylvania,  where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences. Aisosa is enthusiastic about college access and affordability and has co-sponsored numerous professional development workshops and conversations on her college campus.

A proponent of higher education, Aisosa studied subjects concerning equity and access alongside a rigorous science curriculum. She was fascinated to learn that higher educational attainment directly influences health and overall long-term prosperity. Inspired by her own education and the stories of her peers who struggled to complete the increasingly complex college application process, Aisosa eagerly awaits meeting with students and families to begin their college journeys. The motto of her alma mater is, “do great work,” and that is exactly what Aisosa wants to do with her students!

Some of her interests beyond college access include running, hiking, and sightseeing. In fact, you might even see her attempting to complete local Dallas half-marathons!

Nosa Omorotionmwan

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Nosa Omorotionmwan is delighted to serve as a College Advisor at Townview Magnet Center. Hailing from Arlington, Texas, he attended The University of Texas at Austin, earning a BBA in finance.

Nosa strongly believes in fostering a sense of community and holding the door open for those who will follow. Assisting those who come after us benefits not only the individual but also entire communities and populations. This realization compels Nosa to excel and aid numerous students in attaining higher education.

Outside of work, Nosa finds joy in traveling, listening to music, and binging in television series.